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Teaching Your Child to Be a Good Person

If your baby is now five years, then you can start teaching him good lessons of life. Many parents think that it is not the perfect time to teach values to toddlers. But it is one of the great misconception among us about baby care. It is a real truth that your toddler is more capable than you realize. The term “baby care” does not mean only providing food and clothes to your child, but you also have to teach him moral values that can help him to be an honest person. The following are some good ideas to start with teaching your baby moral values:

Promote the value of honesty – Usually, a child takes cues from his parents. So if his parents are truthful, then it is expected that the child must be the same too. Do not be angry if your child lies to you. Instead of being angry, you can help her find a way to tell the truth.


Teach your baby to respect parents and elder persons – Talk with your toddler about moral values informally.  Fiestas such as Thanks giving and Christmas provide well opportunities to teach your baby virtues such as gratitude and giving. On the other hand, You can teach a toddler to honor and respect their parents and grandparents in some special days like Fater’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Teach them justice –  Changing the world in a day is an impossible task but you can make it easier by starting early. Your little step can offer them a better world. If your child has acted mistakenly toward someone, help him to realize of a way to compensate.  Help your baby to grow in kindness each day.

Answer them politely – There has a great change in conventional baby care method.   A study showed that a child of four years may ask question to his parents or the person who is near in every 1 minute and 56 seconds. So be careful when answering to your baby because they learn from your reply. Try to provide true answer with plenty of sympathies without being angry or bore


Inspire your toddler to take challenge – Determination is a great value for people of all ages. You can help your baby to achieve it from a very early age.  A good response can change the nature of your baby to a positive way. Encourage your baby to do thing that is tough for him. When he is successful, you can deliver an honest feedback by praising him for his initiative.  It will not be bad if you present a funny and educational toy for your baby for that success.  This kind of recognition can make him more determined to keep trying. But excessive praise can be harmful to your baby. So try to do it in a balancing way.

Love, another great virtue – Don’t forget to say the phrase “I love you” to your baby though you were busy all the day. It is just not for showing your love but have other benefits too. This will make your baby more reciprocated with family members. Let your baby realize how you love your husband and all other family members, your parents, sisters, brothers, uncle and aunt and other near and dear people. Kiss and hug your husband when your baby is around. Furthermore, express your love for your baby in unexpected ways. The more you do this kind of activities; the more your house will be filled with love and affection.

Make a considerable amount of time to teach a bit to your baby each day. Always set an example so that your baby can learn easily. Finally, help your baby to understand the importance of basic character guidelines so that he can become more realistic that you want.

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