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Newborn Baby Sleep

 Newborns sleep a lot and they do not have the sense of day and night. Usually, they sleep up to 16 to 17 hours over a period of 24 hours. During the first steps of life, they stay asleep more than 2 to 4 hours at a time, day or night. Indeed their tiny stomach can not hold enough breast milk to keep them satisfied for long, so they wake up to eat.

 Newborns sleeping patterns are usually unpredictable. Their sleep cycles are far shorter than those of matured people. Little infant spent more time in rapid eye movement sleep which usually known as REM. REM is thought to be necessary for the extraordinary development happening in newborn’s brain.

Safe sleeping environment for newborn  Keep the light low in baby’s sleeping room.  Do not place your baby on the stomach or side while sleeping. Place him on his back to sleep. In 1992 APP introduced a   particular recommendation that sleeping on the back can reduce the rate of SIDS. On the other hand, baby’s sleeping area should be clear. Try to keep the blanket, unfitted sheets, quilts, sheepskins,  comforters, bumper pads and toys out of your baby’s sleep area. Too much dressing can be harmful as it can cause overheating to your little one. Dress him according to the temperature and often check up for the sign off overheating such as feeling hot to touch or sweating. Furthermore, second-hand smoking can increase the risk of SIDS. So try to keep your baby away from smokers.


Few Tips To Establish Good Sleep Habits

Bedtime routine for your newborn –  Bedtime routine is one of the most positive work to sleep your baby in time. So you can start it early. A bedtime routine can be very simple and easy. You can sing a song, getting your baby changed for sleep and giving your baby a kiss.

Put sleepy baby to bed  When your baby’s age is about 7-8 weeks, you can start giving your baby a chance to sleep in his own time. Try to put him to bed when he is sleepy but awake. But everyone is not with this technique. Few parents like to sleep their baby by rocking. Those parents believe that it is normal and natural. On the other hand, their baby enjoys it too, and baby is also eating, sleeping and thriving well.  But you need to know that if you get your baby sleep every night by rocking, it can make a negative effect. Later you may not be able to sleep your baby without rocking him.

Allow to sleep at night  One of the hard tasks is to wake up a sleepy baby. But you have to do it because sleeping too long during the day can rob nighttime sleep of your baby. If your baby sleeps two hours at a time, you will go to wake him and provide him food and try the best to keep him wake at daytime. Staying up your baby long time during the day will help him sleep better at night

Allow your baby to nap frequently When baby’s age is about 6-8 weeks, he may not be able to stay up more than two hours at a time. So do not take more than two hours to put your baby on bad. If you do not do it, he can be overtired and have trouble failing asleep.

Teach him the difference between day and night When it is two weeks, you can start teaching the difference between night and day. In the day time, keep your baby’s room light and bright. But at night, noise and light should be level low.

Change diaper before feeding Usually, babies feel sleepy after breastfeeding. So why you should not put a trick here! Changing baby’s diaper before feeding prevents the baby from waking up too much after feeding is finished. When your baby wakes up, replace the diaper with a dry one and prepare him for sleep right away following a night feeding.


 Perfect sleeping routine is an important part of baby care.So follow a standard rule can make parenting easier. Call a doctor if you find a change in your baby’s sleep pattern. Especially if your baby has been sleeping consistently, and suddenly he is waking, there may have a problem like an ear infection.

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