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Newborn baby clothes

Clothing is one of the basic need of human being. Cloth is usually made of fiber or textile materials worn on the body. Clothes are different in geographic consideration and in different society even few types of cloths can be gender specific. Clothing have many objectives like standard of modesty, religion, gender, culture. It also bear the social status of the wearer.

But when you are thinking about cloths for your little infant , you have to take extra careness about it. Before buying clothes for baby you have to think about the season. If it is summer, you have take clothes for summer season. On the other hand, clothes of winter season is totally different from the summer season. A perfect selection of clothing can protect your baby from snow, cold and hot weather.


Size of clothes – Size of clothes depends on the age of the baby, baby’s size and weight. Every child’s growth and weight is not same though they are in same age. So you must select the cloth of perfect size for your baby.

Here I am discussing about  dressing your baby in different season 


Summer Season – In the warm weather of the summer season, you can use light coloured cotton clothes for your baby so that it can be comfortable for your little angel. This kind of clothes should be able to remain his body temperature regulated. On the other hand, when you are going out with your baby in a summer season hat and nappy are sufficient for a little infant. If your baby feels cold suddenly, you can worn him thin cotton trouser, a light jacket,thin socks etc. At night,sleeping suit is sufficient.

Winter Season – To prevent heat loss in the winter,make sure to covered your baby’s head by using hat, cap, hoodie or blanket. It is also urgent to keep the baby’s ears covered. Layers are very useful because you can remove them when your little infant feels too much hot. Winter shoes or boots are also applicable. Always make sure to provide a fresh and dry diaper. Be careful not to overdress your baby.

Spring and Autumn – Spring and autumn are the most comfortable season for little kids. This seasons are tolerable for baby easily. At these seasons,a t-shirt is perfect for little kids. You also can worn him a long sleeved cotton bodysuit. Fleece romper or warm tights, very thin wool jacket and cotton or flannel cap are suitable for your infant in this time according to the temperature of the day.

Clothes for all season – You can apply a number of dressing rule for your baby. Underwear and second layer of your baby should be made of only from natural fabrics. This kind of clothes can protect your baby from overheating, sweat, irritation of skin and getting cold. These kinds of dress can also provide absorption and oxygen to the body of the baby. To protect your baby’s delicate skin from damage be careful to avoid narrow and tight bands of rubber, large size of zip fasteners and rough seams too.

Storage – After washing and ironing clothes, you can hung them on hanger or folded them to keep them fresh until they are worn. It will reduce your hazardous condition when your baby have done his clothes dirty.

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