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How Does a Mother’s Diet Affect Her Milk- Everything you need to know

Is it required to eat a strict diet while breastfeeding? Suppose, you love to eat spices or junk food, will it affect your milk? Well, actually No! According to lactation specialists, there is no special or strict diet required while breastfeeding and there is nothing you have to avoid. Now, it doesn’t mean, you’ll eat junk and unhealthy meals all day. You have to remember, your baby will get nutrition from the milk and you’ll get it from the food you eat. Everything sounds tricky, right? Don’t worry! It’s not difficult at all. For helping you out, we made it a step by step guideline. Scroll down and enjoy!

Do I need a better diet while breastfeeding:

As I said, your baby will get the nutrition when you’re breastfeeding. So, if you don’t eat anything nutritious or healthy then how your baby will get the best milk, right?  Also, your body requires more nutrition and more healthy elements. That’s why, following a nutritious diet is good for you. But, we just said that, unbalanced diet doesn’t affect the milk then now why I am talking about diet plan?

Are we being double-standard?

No, not at all! Even research says, mother diet has very little influence on her milk. Even if you eat an unbalanced diet, still the milk quality will be good. But, what about you? Your health? It’s as important as your baby’s health. If you don’t eat anything healthy for a day still the milk will be respectable but your body will drain because of lack of nutrition. So, yes! For the sake of your health, you need a better diet plan.

A perfect diet plan

So, I am not pushing you to take this. But, if you follow this then you and your baby both will have a great health. So, here is a list of several food you should take in the breastfeeding phase. Before starting let me make one thing clear, while taking all these nutritious things, you can also take your favorite food aside.  Think, it’s like the gym days. Like, you can have a cheat meal beside healthy foods.

  • Protein foods. (Such As: Meat, fish, nuts, eggs, dairy and etc. (2-3 times every day)
  •  Vegetable and fruit (green, dark and all sort of vegetables and two sort of fruits). (everyday as much as you can)
  • Whole grain products (pasta, cereal, oats, wheat bread and anything that has natural whole grains). (Every day)
  •  Water (take as much as you need, when you feel thirsty, don’t ignore it).

Here are the three type of things that you have to take every day in the breastfeeding phase. Also, if you’re a vegetarian, instead of meat or fishes, you can consume something in veg that has huge amount of iron and zinc. (Such as: dried beans and fruits, nuts, dairy and etc.) If you don’t take dairy products then you can also take B12 supplements.

Now, you may think, how much should you eat

Well, honestly you have to eat more than you used to. It because breastfeeding requires more calories. You have to get 500-600 calories per day when your baby only takes the milk. Once, your baby start taking other foods, you can cut off on calories. Whenever you feel a bit hungry, EAT!

Foods you should avoid while breastfeeding- info-graphic

As I said earlier, there are nothing to avoid. But consuming some foods at this stages isn’t right. I’m not telling you, avoid it completely. At least, cut it off or don’t eat/consume these more often.So, let’s get into the info-graphic and see what you should be avoiding.

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