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How to make baby food

You can easily make food at home for your baby. Commercial baby foods have less vitamins and minerals that can not fulfill the basic demand of your baby. Those foods are expensive too. So it will be better if you can make food for your baby at your own kitchen. If you make food at home than you also have a clear knowledge about what you are feeding your baby exactly. Before starting solid foods,you have to be sure about your baby’s ability. When baby’s age is 6 month or more  and he can sit up with support,can hold his neck steady, is able to move his head side to side then you can start solid.


Keep in mind before starting solid – Some food contain common allergens. Egg,wheat,soy,tree nuts,fish and shellfish are especially in this category. Be conscious about these kind of foods.

Be on the lookout of food which can cause gas. They can potentially make your baby uncomfortable. Cruciferous vegetables,beans,wheat,dairy and onion are in this category. You have to wait 8 to 10 months to introduce these items. When your baby is new at solid,do not put more than 2 tablespoon of food at a time.

Here’s some recipe that you may follow –


Sweet Potato Puree

Ingredients : a cup of water,well diced sweet potato.

Method of making –  Bring the water and sweet potato for in a pot for 15 minutes to boil. The time can be vary until it reaches the desire thickness or consistency. Add some water if it is too thick or boil longer if it is too watery. After boiling,sweet potato should break a little bit.If not,you have to break it down manually. If you want to make a soft and smooth potato puree,you can use blender.Let it be cool and then serve it to your. You also can preserve the remaining sweet potato puree in fridge.

Banana Puree Indeed it is one of the most perfect food for your little baby. Banana is a rich source of fiber and Potassium. It is known as natural antacid too. Banana is also one of the gentle food on the stomach. It is true that bananas are best food for baby but overdoing can be very harmful because it can causes constipation.


Method of making – At first peel a banana and mush with a fork.When it is the first stage of weaning,you can add a little milk to thin down the consistency. It will also add a familiar taste to your baby. Now serve to your hungry angel. Remaining puree can be preserve in fridge.

Carrot’s Puree Carrot contains ample amount of Vitamin A and beta carotene. Having sweet taste and pleasant texture,this solid food will be a wonderful introduction to your baby.

Method of making – At first,select 500 grams carrots which are slim and tall in size. Peel the carrots and cut them into 1 inch per piece. Then boil these carrot,reduce to a simmer. Make sure to cover the pot. It can take 25 minutes to be boil perfectly. But the time can be vary when the pieces of carrots are big and thin.Finally use a blender machine to blend. Now it is ready to serve.

It will be good if you follow the 3 days test rule for every new food you provide to your baby. So you have to wait to see the result until the fourth day.

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