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First Time Mom

Life of a new mom is always surprising and amazing. But maximum first time mom find the first 12 months of her life chaotic,stressful and tiring. For this reason you have to create a proper plan for future. Proper planing for mom and would-be mom is most important. And confidence is the key when it comes to childbirth and taking care for the baby.


Here some most important information for first time mom that may help you.

Get as much sleep as possible – According to the information of National Sleep Foundation, every adult people needs 7-9 hours sleep in a period of 24 hours. If you sleep less than 7 hours, your health can suffer. Fortunately, newborn sleeps more than 15 hours per day. But they woke up after sleeping 3-4 hours frequently. So try to sleep when your baby sleep.

Find which advice works for you As a new mom you can get tons of advice.These advices are mixed with good and bad.It is true that a good advice can also be bad for you because every moms are diferent from each other and every child’s nature also can be different from each other. For this reason, you have to decide which advice is workable for you.

Love between husband and wife – As a mom you have to do different household activities. But sometimes you do not get everything done even cooking for your family too. After coming back at home, your husband may discover the house look like an atomic bomb went off with laundry everywhere at your home. At those days, don’t forget to order a pizza. It is not a big deal for you .This little idea can bring more happiness in your family life. You are doing a super hard job with your baby and you are rocking it. So a little guilty is not a matter to your husband.

Ask for help When you are new at the stage of motherhood, you can feel something like melancholy by staying home all day with your little infant. Ask for help to a family member or a friend so that you can take food without holding your little baby or go to wash-room for a bit.

Write down important event – Sometimes our brain betray with us and we can not remember important things to do. So it will be better if you can write them down. For example, questions for the doctor, important dates and things you do not want to forget. Even your baby’s first smile, first laugh, the day started crawling, funny things they say or do etc will be important to you because later you will want to remember exactly how they were when they were little.

Using baby wipes – Our pediatricians say that diaper wipes are quite good for little infants. But the only exception is if newborn develops rash or redness which is indicative of a sensitive skin. In such condition, you can use cotton balls or squares dipped in warm and clean water.

Take care of your baby’s nails – Sharp nails can do harm to soft skin. So cut them in due time. But you have to follow a safest way to cutting your baby’s nail especially when he is sleeping.

What baby wants – It is one of the common questions that how to know what the baby wants. Some parents are extremely worried about how they will know if the baby is happy or sick or whatever else. The answer is ……you just will. Your baby who even can not talk is so completely able to communicate exactly what he wants. You just have to realize.

Take a break when baby nap – It is the perfect time when you can do household activities or other to-do-list task without holding your little infant. Use this time properly.


Say “I love you” – Try to say “I love you” to your little infant before bedtime or naps. Let him know how you feel about him and starting early is the perfect way to get into their little heads.

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