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First Food for Newborn Baby

The stomach of newborn baby is tiny like a marble. So your newborn need to feed frequently. Most parents are worried about feeding their baby if they do not get enough food. It will be a serious problem if your baby do not get enough food in his very early age and this problem can be resulted in failure to thrive.

First 24 Hours –  After giving birth,the first 24 hours of a baby’s life is crucial to a positive breastfeeding experience for mother and baby. At this moment it is urgent to put the baby on to the breast of mother. At the time of first breastfeeding it seems to be tricky, but there’s no need to feel disappointed. Many new mother take a while to learn it. Baby’s are very alert during the first two hours of life. Just remember to bring the baby near your breast and your baby need to gape his mouth. Then your baby will start latching properly soon. With time newborn baby and mother will get better and soon mothers can discover breastfeeding  position that work for her and for her baby too.


Feed your baby on his demand only, do not overfeed him. Always try to keep your baby close to you and if possible keep him snuggled against your skin. Before screaming loudly, try to feed your baby. Sometime mothers try to force her baby on to her breast which is wrong at all. These kinds of effort can draw a bad effect on the temperament of your child .

0  to 1 Month : There is a common question that how many times mothers will breastfeed her baby. So in this point it can be say that try to guess the demand of your baby. Some babys like to suckle all the time. The reason for suckling long time is not only for nourishment but also for their habit and enjoyment. One the other hand,some baby suckle when they feel hunger only. Your baby can be sleepy when suckling.At this period you may have to feed your baby 10-12 times per day. It can looks a lot but having a very small stomach your baby need to refill again and again.

2 to 5 Month – At this period, your little baby grow bigger and he looks more cute. The size of his stomach is also being bigger.So he needs to feed less time. Indeed, feeding 6-8 times per day is perfect for him. Now your baby is more efficient at breastfeeding. So he can take more milk in a less time.

6  to 10 Month –  At this stage,some developmental milestone of your baby’s body will indicate that he is now ready to eat solid food. Now your baby can sit up with support and also can hold his neck steady, he is able to move his head from side to side. When a baby reach at 6 month, his natural iron stores start to run out. So only milk can not fulfill his need. You can start with rice cereal. This kind of grain least likely to cause allergies. It is perfect time to provide fruits and vegetables for your baby. Your baby also can like juice now. You can feed your baby solid food 5 to 6 times per day. Each time you give your baby a new sample food, you must wait minimum 3 days before introducing another new one.



Your baby has mastered the basic food group, now your duty is to teach him rules of self hygiene, the finer points of healthy nutrition.

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