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10 Tips for newborn baby

Giving birth a child is just opening a new world for parents. When a mom gives birth a child, she enjoys an ample amount of joy after tolerating unbearable pain. However a baby’s arrival marks special joy in every people’s life. But it is a matter of challenge to take care of a newborn baby during the first few years of its life. Babies are innocent and they can not demand what they need in time. For this reason parents have to be more careful about them. In fact, first time mothers are highly worried about taking care of a newborn child. Here I have mentioned 10 most important baby care tips that can help you.


  1. Check the diaper frequently –  Your newborn baby can make dirty the diaper 10 times per day. Wearing dirty diapers for a long time can do harm to your infant’s health. So be careful to check baby’s diaper again and again. If you find the diaper dirty,soon change it with a clean one.
  2. Properly feeding – Properly feeding is very important to a child’s early age.Feed your baby in every two hour of less and offer your baby feed in demand. If you choose to brestfeed then be careful about the position of his nose.
  3. Spent more time with your baby/ Talk to your baby often – Speaking to your baby is very beneficial. It can helps your baby in different way like developing the brain and picking up words faster.
  4. Sleep – During the first few month of life newborn baby sleeps a lot of time per day, usually 16-17 hours. Infant usually sleeps for period of 2-4 hours. So you can not sleep without feeding your baby when he wakes up because their digestive system is very small.
  5. Make the room clean – Always keep the room of your baby’s room neat and clean. Keep your baby out of the room while cleaning. It can protect him from airborne disease.
  6. Self-hygiene – At first, you have to be self-hygiene to ensure a good health because self-hygiene is the first term of sound body and mind. Before pick up your baby, always make sure to wash your hand, try to wear clean clothes. Remember that dirty clothes and unwashed hand can make infection and can induced different kinds of disease.
  7. Bath – After falling the umbilical cord, you can be allow to have a normal bath instead of sponge bath to your baby. But you must be careful to do it rightly. Baby bathubs, baby bath seats, soft towels for baby and baby soaps are available in market which can make your task more easier. The temperature of water should be 36-37 degree Celsius. While bathing your baby do not leave him alone in the bathtub.
  8. Don’t shake your baby – We sometime shake our baby unknowingly how it is dangerous for a little kid. Forceful shaking can causes bleeding in the brain of an infant, even it can turn into death. So don’t try to sleep your baby by shaking.
  9. Don’t smoke near your infant – We all know that smoking is very harmful for human beings. It have different king of bad effect on human body but it can be more harmful for your child.
  10. Contact with a doctor when need – Different kind of disease like fever, cold and cough, vomiting and diarrhea can affect you infant. Never provide medicine according to your own prescription. Instead of self medicate, reach out to your nearby specialist doctor.
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