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10 Educational Toys For Kids

Are you looking for a special gift for your baby?  Here have some suggestion that might attract you . Your child is growing up gradually. All guardians are highly careful about their child’s physical health but the number of people who cares about their child’s mental growth is rare. Like physical health mentally growing up is also important. Babies are attentive learners and they can learn more easily than adult people. Playing with toys is their primary means of learning new things and developing their thoughts. On the other hand,playing with toys is like entertainment to them. It is scientifically acknowledged that,children develop 50% of their adult intelligence within the first 4 years of life.So just try to imagine, how fast their brains are growing.

Newly born kids are virtually projected to acquire knowledge. Before born,genetics ordain how the human brain is wired. Neurons roam to different parts of the human brain, making connections that call synapses and it makes stimulation. When a baby is born, every new event – smell,taste, touch, sight and sound helps stimulate those synapses. Then the brain synthesize those information. Parents should be careful to provide perfect toys so that it can helps them to be creative and make them physically strong.

Here 10 toys suggested for your baby

Quiet Book – Quiet Book is one of the most important toy for child. It is a series of fabric page. It contains quiet activities to entertain kids. They can learn how to count,get familiar with letters and can understand the world around them through playing with quiet book.

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Personalized Name Puzzle – Children become amused when they see their name carved out of solid, high quality wood painted with amazing colours and displayed for all to see. Form this name puzzle child get familiar with letters and they can learn how to write their name.

Early Learning Centre(ELC) magnetic Play – It is like a classroom in a small box and this box is portable, vibrant and multi-functional set of magnetic letters and numbers. Child can easily stick them onto the magnetic chalkboard or can write on it with the chalk that’s included. There also have an eraser and paper in the box. Child from 3 years can be introduced to the world of words and numbers.

Engino Steam Mechanics – By playing with this set of device your child can be expert in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Small kids can discover the principles of cams and cranks through practical play. This is a part of set that has been developed for the purpose of playing by the kids. It is suitable for the child of 6-12 years.

Baby Einstein Take along Tunes Musical Toy Child like music and parents love virtually everything Baby Einstein has to offer. It plays 7 baby friendly classical tunes and Baby Einstein is very colourful. The big pieces are easy for kids to understand, buttons are easy for them to press.

VTech sit-to-stand Learning Walker – It helps childs to walk and develop strength of leg. It can’t be beaten or crushed by your baby. VTech sit-to-stand Learning Walker is an interactive instrument that features a removeable toddler play panel to help your baby hone in their fine motor skills. While your baby is playing with this instrument, they are also working on baby’s leg muscles also. It will help him to stand on his own legs soon.

FocuSun Playpen Ball Pit – For endless amount of joy,the FocuSun Playpen Ball Pit is a great choice when you are looking at baby gift. It’s have amazing colour and it gives your baby endless amount of deligt and a little bit independent space.

VTech Touch and Swipe Phone for Baby – If your child is continuously reaching for your smartphone, so you can arrange one for him too. It will appear to have all the same colour icons that real smartphone does but you will not have to worry about the price because you will get it in a lower price.

Flip Fish – It’s a learning toy for your child and he can splash into a sea of sensory learning fun. It have highly qualified materials, durably stitched and it is made for long lasting enjoyment.

Rock n Ball – Rock and Ball get baby excited to move and play and it is already has tested to ensuring safety for little infant.


Before providing a toy for your baby, you must be careful about some features. Baby’s toy should be non- breakable, have no sharp edges that might cut or scratch,toys should be large enough too. Small parts of toy can be harmful for your infant because they put everything into their mouth as part of exploring their world. A perfect toy can help your baby to be more clever and intelligent.


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